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JustInTime JustInTime
(v 0.3.2)
JustInTime allows you to sync the host time to your Palm device if you are running UNIX and use the pilot-link tools. Thanks to Walter Koch a patch against pilot link is included now. There is now code for a standalone version for usage with 0.11.x as well. Thanks to Noah Friedman.
[tarfile with sources] [tarfile with JPilot plugin]
(v 2.2)
Cipher is a mobile encryption gadget which seemless fits into all other programs on the pilot in which you might want to store personal information.
Warning: Do NOT use the program if you are Syncing to Outlook!
[native .prc file] [zipfile with sources]
Thanks to Dmitri Ovechkin there is also a desktop version of this Program. There are only sources here as I do not use Windows at all and therefore cannot compile one. This can be done with gcc which is Part of Cygwin (http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/).
[Sources (Dos+Unix)]
Matthias Jordan has created a DA version of Cipher which has been improved by Jerry Heddon using OnBoard C (which I again ported back to GCC)
[Sources] [native PRC File]
(v 3.9.2)
Rated as Eurocool coolest 50 Game Of The Month

HMaki is a Japanese puzzle game - a mixture of solitair and Tetris. Very addicting, har har har!

Downloadnative PRC-File Thanks to
Deutsch .prc 
English .prc 
Francais .prcOlivier Seydoux
Dutch .prcBernard Vander Beken

(v 3.0.12)
Kalk is a RPN calculator with double precision and statistical functions. If you download the prc files directly, dont forget to download MathLib.prc as well.

[fancy prc file] [slim prc file] [binary] [sources] [old 2.x version]
PalmOS 1.x users:
From Version 3.0 on Kalk no longer supports the old Palm devices. But youic an still use the Version 2.x.

To make Kalk accessible from the calculator button you can use CalkHack Version 2.21 or later. This is a nice tool to remap the calculator button to different applications - made by Dovcom.

PalmOS 2.x and later users:
can just use the built in Preferences->Buttons to remap the calculator button.
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