A Brief History of Klawitter

Board of Emigrants

This is the List of all Klawitter emigrating from Europe to America I know of. I am related with none of them. Additions welcome:

C=child, S=sibling, P=parent
Date of Emigration
(or *birth, +death)
Came fromSettled inRelatives, descendants
1Carl Klawitter
(with Agusta Weinkauf)
1872/73East Prussiafirst New York
then Hutchingston, Minnesota
Abbie Klawitter
2Gustav Klawitter Poznan/PosenMecan, WI
Was the first one in Mecan
Tom ?
4Stanley Klawitter1883Poznan/Posenfirst Dunkurk, NY
then Milwaukee, WI
finally West Hammond (=Calumet City), IL
Carolyn B Black
5William Claviter+1895PommerinOshkosh, WIIda & Wes Johnston
6Robert Reinhold Klawitter1890/91Preussisch-FriedlandFirst: Blue Island, IL
Then: Steeger, IL
Mary De Francesco
(now in Italy)
George Klawitter
John Klawitter
Tes Safavi
7Gus Klawitter
(S of 6)
1890's(Wiesbaden ?)WI 
8Martin Klawitter  Northern WIKurt & Bridget Klawitter
9Gottfried Klawitter
(C of 20)
 NaumburgMilwaukee, WIDavid Kuhns
10Johann Michael Klawitter
(with Eva Rosine Gassmer)
1883/84PrussiaMt. Carmel, PennsylvaniaAlan Klawitter and Cathy Callahan
11Emil Klawitter1881-07-02
Poznan/PosenIndianaInga Karlsson
12Julius T. Klawitter?Poznan/PosenDetroitBruce Klawitter
13Emil Klawitter
(C of 15, S of 14)
1888Poznan/PosenMecan, WI
Lived initially with 2
Deborah Slager has a familiy tree.
14Albert Klawitter
(C of 15, S of 13)
Mecan, WI
15Ludwig and Luise Klawitter
(P of 13, 14)
On ship Darmstadt
Poznan/PosenMontello WI
16Ernest Klawitter
(S of 17)
Mecan, WI
17Herman Klawitter
(S of 16)
Mecan, WI
19Katherina Klaweitter1858Gdansk/Danzig Daisy Witherell Déry
20Caroline Klawitter(?)

(P of 9)
*1847PrussiaMilwaukee, WIDavid Kuhns
21Ursula Klawitter*1845
Poznan / Gniezno / BydgoszczDodge, WIDavid Sadoski
22Herta Klawitter*1928
PolandValleyfield, QuebeckMaurice Duval
23Fredrick Wilhelm Zabel1867Mother Anna Klawitter born 1802 in KlawittersdorfWanatah, INBernadotte Butz

A hint on genealogical research

I recently heard about a book called "The Book of Germans" which contains the ship lists of emigrants to the U.S. which all seem to have landed on Ellis Island.

So, if you are American and in search for your ancestors, you'll might want to look up "your" emigrant there, which will make it easy to find out whether another Klawitter in the U.S. is of your branch.

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