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with rubics magic cube

For all who have questions about the 4x4x4 cube:

I got this cube about 1986 and my solving method works as follows:

I first bring all 4 middle pieces of one colour together to a vitual middle, then I make one virtual edge piece out of the two for every edge. After this, I try to solve the cube like the 3x3x3. If this doesn't work (this can happen, because two edge pieces can be linked in the wrong way), I just mix the pieces and start over. :-)

This method is not very good, but it works. I usually need about 30min to solve it, unless the cube does not crumble before. As the internal mechanics are not robust, it's likely that I have to rebuild it in solved form.

If you have a better method, feel free to tell about it. :-)

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